Nippon Foundation
"100 livres pour comprendre le Japon d’aujourd’hui"

Le programme «Read Japan» de la Fondation Nippon parraine un projet annuel de Dons d’ouvrages offrant 100 livres à des bibliothèques situées en dehors du Japon. L’objectif de cette initiative est «d’aider les lecteurs non-japonais à mieux comprendre le Japon contemporain». En 2012, c’est la Bibliothèque de l’Université de Chypre qui a été sélectionnée pour recevoir le don de livres "100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan" (100 livres pour comprendre le Japon d’aujourd’hui).

Le don, qui a déjà été intégré aux fonds de la bibliothèque, couvre les sujets suivants : Politique/Relations internationales, Économie/Affaires, Société/Culture, Littérature/Arts, Histoire.

La Nippon Foundation a été créée en 1962 comme organisation philanthropique à but non lucratif. Avec un vingtaine d’organisations partenaires au Japon et dans le monde, elle aide au financement et soutient les initiatives locales de développement visant à réaliser une société mondiale plus prospère et pacifique.


Liste des livres
21st-century Japanese management : new systems, lasting values / James C. Abegglen
A diary of darkness : the wartime diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi / foreword by Marius Jansen ; edited and with an introduction by Eugene Soviak ; translated by Eugene Soviak and Kamiyama Tamie
The abacus and the sword : the Japanese penetration of Korea, 1895-1910 / Peter Duus
A discourse by three drunkards on government / Nakae Chomin ; translated by Nobuko Tsukui ; edited and with an introduction by Nobuko Tsukui and Jeffrey Hammond
The anatomy of dependence / Takeo Doi ; translated by John Bester
The Atomic bomb : voices from Hiroshima and Nagasaki / editors, Kyoko & Mark Selden
A personal matter / Kenzaburo Oe ; translated from the Japanese by John Nathan
The autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa / revised translation by Eiichi Kiyooka ; with a foreword by Albert Craig
An anticlassical political-economic analysis : a vision for the next century / Yasusuke Murakami ; translated with an introduction by Kozo Yamamura
Anime from Akira to Howl's moving castle : experiencing contemporary Japanese animation / Susan J. Napier
British factory, Japanese factory : the origins of national diversity in industrial relations / by Ronald Dore ; with a new afterword by the author
Broadcasting politics in Japan : NHK and television news / Ellis S. Krauss
Bushido : the soul of Japan / Inazo Nitobe
The cape : and other stories from the Japanese Ghetto / Kenji Nakagami ; translated, with a preface and an afterword, by Eve Zimmerman
The Columbia anthology of modern Japanese literature / edited by J. Thomas Rimer and Van C. Gessel
The conquest of Ainu lands : ecology and culture in Japanese expansion, 1590-1800 / Brett L. Walker
Constructing civil society in Japan : voices of environmental movements / Koichi Hasegawa
Contemporary Japanese film / by Mark Schilling
Contemporary Japanese literature : an anthology of fiction, film, and other writing since 1945 / edited and with a new preface by Howard Hibbett
Cultural norms and national security : police and military in postwar Japan / Peter J. Katzenstein
Dreamland Japan : writings on modern manga / Frederik L. Schodt
The economics of work in Japan / Koike Kazuo
The evolution of a manufacturing system at Toyota / Takahiro Fujimoto
Edo Culture : daily life and diversions in urban Japan, 1600-1868 / Nishiyama Matsunosuke ; translated and edited by Gerald Groemer
Emperor of Japan : Meiji and His world, 1852-1912 / Donald Keene
Erotic grotesque nonsense : the mass culture of Japanese modern times / Miriam Silverberg
Family and social policy in Japan : anthropological approaches / edited by Roger Goodman
Five modern Japanese novelists / Donald Keene
Four practical revolutions in management : systems for creating unique organizational capability / Shoji Shiba, David Walden ; with contributions by Alan Graham, John Petrolini, and many others
From Mahan to Pearl Harbor : the imperial Japanese navy and the United States / Sadao Asada
From Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor : who was responsible? / foreword by editor-in-chief Tsuneo Watanabe ; edited by James E. Auer
Gender and development : the Japanese experience in comparative perspective / edited by Mayumi Murayama
Governing Japan : divided politics in a resurgent economy / J. A. A. Stockwin
In praise of shadows / Junichiro Tanizaki ; translated by Thomas J. Harper and Edward G. Seidensticker
The Iwakura mission in America and Europe : a new assessment / edited by Ian Nish
Japan in the 21st century : environment, economy, and society / Pradyumna P. Karan ; cartography by Dick Gilbreath
Japan remodeled : how government and industry are reforming Japanese capitalism / Steven K. Vogel
Japan rising : the resurgence of Japanese power and purpose / Kenneth B. Pyle
Japan, China, and the growth of the Asian international economy, 1850-1949 / edited by Kaoru Sugihara
Japanamerica : how Japanese pop culture has invaded the U.S. / Roland Kelts
The Japanese colonial empire, 1895-1945 / edited by Ramon H. Myers and Mark R. Peattie
The Japanese company / Rodney Clark
The Japanese economic system and its historical origins / edited by Tetsuji Okazaki and Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara ; translated by Susan Herbert
The Japanese firm : the sources of competitive strength / edited by Masahiko Aoki and Ronald Dore
Japanese foreign policy at the crossroads : challenges and options for the twenty-first century / Yutaka Kawashima
Japanese imperialism, 1894-1945 / W.G. Beasley
Japanese science : from the inside / Samuel Coleman
Japanese society / Chie Nakane
Japanese women writers : twentieth century short fiction / translated and edited by Noriko Mizuta Lippit, Kyoko Iriye Selden
Japan's financial crisis : institutional rigidity and reluctant change / Jennifer A. Amyx
Japan's high schools / Thomas P. Rohlen
Japan's lost decade / Hiroshi Yoshikawa ; translated by Charles H. Stewart
Japan's love-hate relationship with the west / Sukehiro Hirakawa
Japan's quest for a permanent security council seat : a matter of pride or justice? / Reinhard Drifte
Kabuki : baroque fusion of the arts / Kawatake Toshio ; translated by Frank & Jean Connell Hoff
Kabuki heroes on the Osaka stage, 1780-1830 / C. Andrew Gerstle with Timothy Clark, Akiko Yano
Kafu the Scribbler : the life and writings of Nagai Kafu, 1879-1959 / Edward Seidensticker
Kokoro / Soseki Natsume ; translated by Edwin McClellan
Lectures on modern Japanese economic history : 1926-1994 / Nakamura Takafusa
The life of an amorous woman : and other writings / by Ihara Saikaku ; edited and translated by Ivan Morris
The logic of Japanese politics : leaders, institutions, and the limits of change / Gerald L. Curtis
Loving the machine : the art and science of Japanese robots / Timothy N. Hornyak
Machiavelli's children : leaders and their legacies in Italy and Japan / Richard J. Samuels
The making of modern Japan / Marius B. Jansen
The Midnight Eye guide to new Japanese film / Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp ; foreword by Hideo Nakata
Manga : sixty years of Japanese comics / Paul Gravett
Manufacturing ideology : scientific management in twentieth-century Japan / William M. Tsutsui
Media and politics in Japan / edited by Susan J. Pharr and Ellis S. Krauss
MITI and the japanese miracle : the growth of industrial policy : 1925-1975 / Chalmers Johnson
Modern Japan / Peter Duus
The narrow road to the Deep North : and other travel sketches / Basho ; translated from the Japanese with an introduction by Nobuyuki Yuasa
Native sources of Japanese industrialization, 1750-1920 / Thomas C. Smith
Neighborhood Tokyo / Theodore C. Bestor
Network power : Japan and Asia / edited by Peter J. Katzenstein and Takashi Shiraishi
Oe and beyond : fiction in contemporary Japan / edited by Stephen Snyder and Philip Gabriel
Origins of modern Japanese literature / Karatani Kojin ; translation edited by Brett de Bary
The pleasures of Japanese literature / Donald Keene
Postwar Japan as history / edited by Andrew Gordon
Race for the exits : the unraveling of Japan's system of social protection / Leonard J. Schoppa
Regime shift : comparative dynamics of the Japanese political economy / T. J. Pempel
Sakamoto Ryoma and the Meiji restoration / by Marius B. Jansen
Samurai and silk : a Japanese and American heritage / Haru Matsukata Reischauer
Science, technology and society in contemporary Japan / Morris Low, Shigeru Nakayama, Hitoshi Yoshioka
Securing Japan : Tokyo's grand strategy and the future of East Asia / Richard J. Samuels
State and diplomacy in early modern Japan : Asia in the development of the Tokugawa Bakufu / Ronald P. Toby
Stock market capitalism : welfare capitalism : Japan and Germany versus the Anglo-Saxons / Ronald Dore
The sun also sets : the limits to Japan's economic power / Bill Emmott
The tale of Genji / Murasaki Shikibu ; translated with an introduction by Edward Seidensticker
The tales of the Heike / translated by Burton Watson ; edited, with an introduction, by Haruo Shirane
The turbulent decade : confronting the refugee crises of the 1990s / Sadako Ogata ; foreword by Kofi Annan
The U.S.-Japan alliance : past, present, and future / edited by Michael J. Green, Patrick M. Cronin
The wild goose / Mori Ogai ; translated with an introduction by Burton Watson
Thought and behaviour in modern Japanese politics / Masao Maruyama ; edited by Ivan Morris
Tokugawa religion : the cultural roots of modern Japan / by Robert N. Bellah
Tsukiji : the fish market at the center of the world / Theodore C. Bestor
U.S.-Japan relations in a changing world / Steven K. Vogel, editor
Victors' justice : the Tokyo War Crimes Trial / Richard H. Minear
Visions of Ryukyu : identity and ideology in early-modern thought and politics / Gregory Smits
War without mercy : race and power in the Pacific war / John W. Dower


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